viernes, julio 07, 2006


Headphones. Silence. Playlist. Play.

104. Barbara Morgenstern - The Operator
Take me, take me to the operator, to the operator to discuss some questions.
076. The Organ - Brother
Here is the best part of the song, where I admit that I might be wrong.
677. Tapes n' Tapes - Insistor
And don't be terse and don't be shy, just hug my lips and say good lies.
909. The Knife - Silent Shout
In a dream all my teeth fell out, a cracked smile and a silent shout.
315. Mum - Green Grass Of Tunnel
Behind these two hills here... there's a pool.
214. Lali Puna - Micronomic
It’s so hot in here, it’s burning outside, and all your teenage idols have left the building.
510. Takako Minekawa - Plash
119. Tarwater - 20 Miles Up
How easy it would be to open you up and drink you down...
021. Tujiko Noriko - Fly
And fly, and fly, and fly, and fly.
700. Cocteau Twins - Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops
Tis the lucky lucky penny penny penny buys the pearly dew drips soaks.
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